So You Think You Can Dance

The successful American show has been nominated for 5 Emmy Awards, and has been keeping audiences around the world entertained. So You Think You Can Dance has recently been developed in other countries and is now on our shores. Audiences can expect to see a talented group of performers who are very skilled in the art of dance, from Hip-Hop to the Quickstep. Think Strictly Come Dancing MIXED WITH America’s Best Dance Crew. Dancers will have to learn and perform choreographed routines OF A particular style that they may not specialize in. This means a Krumper could have to dance the Jive one week then a Bollywood dance the next. The aim is to become Britain’s Favourite Dancer and win £100,000.


Ballet Co.

“Franzén seems able to absorb any dance style with remarkable panache and fluidity”

The Guardian

“Tommy is a fantastically intelligent dancer with an intuitive grasp of phrasing and style.”

The Guardian Culture

“As far as I was concerned, the outstanding winner was hip-hop ­maestro Tommy Franzen”

London Dance

“Tommy was one of the first dancers I met who was completely versatile - what can't he do?”

Entertainment Odds

"As Tommy showed again last Saturday, he has amazing versatility and his solos are head and shoulders above his rivals"

"Tommy has proved himself the outstanding dancer over the course of the series"


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